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Manufacturing at Durant Scoreboards

At Durant Scoreboards we manufacture all our scoreboards in house which allows us to offer a large range of scoreboards to accommodate most sports.

Our specialist scoreboard department is equipped with skilled artisans who have manufactured hundreds of scoreboards across the UK. 

We utilise LED technology and handheld controllers to create a great user and spectator experience, demonstrating that regardless of the size or complexity, each scoreboard is meticulously built.

Power Options

Mains Powered

Trusted and reliable. Easily accessible for the majority of Schools or Clubs, providing all the power a scoreboard needs.

  • Reliable
  • Easily accessible
  • Critical to provide scoreboard power

Battery Powered

12V Lithium Ion Battery, perfect for mobile or maneuverable scoreboards due to charging capacity.

  • Long lasting charge capacity
  • Safe and fast charging
  • Low maintenance

Solar Powered

A new, environmentally friendly addition to Durant Scoreboards power options. Theyre the future of scoring!

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reliable and sustainable
  • Little maintenance required

Printing Process

The process of finalising our scoreboards incorporates a crucial component: printing. It is imperative to meticulously verify the accuracy of dimensions within our Adobe software before proceeding with the printing stage. This meticulous step is fundamental in upholding our commitment to delivering scoreboards of the highest quality, whether they are standard or custom-made.

The precision of our Roland printer is unparalleled, faithfully reproducing every detail programmed into it. Following the meticulous printing process, which involves printing the vinyl scoreboard front and including its essential components such as SCORE, WICKETS, TIME, etc., a crucial step follows – the drying phase.

Once drying is complete, the next step involves delicately placing the vinyl onto a suitable size perspex board. Subsequently, a meticulous rolling-out process is undertaken to eliminate any potential creases and ensure a seamless bond between the printed vinyl and the perspex board. This method guarantees a flawless integration of the two elements, upholding the impeccable standards we strive for on our scoreboards.

Want your Durant Scoreboard Installing?

At Durant Scoreboards not only do we excel in manufacturing, but we also extend our expertise through a specialised installation service for all our customers.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless and flawless manufacturing and installation process, providing a comprehensive solution from inception to completion.

With our dedicated installation service, we aim to enhance the overall experience, guaranteeing that your journey with Durant Scoreboards is characterised by efficiency and excellence at every step.

Visit our installation page by clicking here.

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