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Football Scoreboards

Scoreboards for Football

Our scoreboard range caters to clubs from grassroots level to the Premier divisions, offering both cost-effective manual solutions and state-of-the-art electronic scoreboards. At Durant Scoreboards, we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of football scoreboards that meet the diverse needs of different clubs. Our scoreboards come with numerous benefits, including a 5-year digit warranty, ensuring long-term reliability, and a 10-year parts availability guarantee, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, we offer service contracts and nationwide service availability, so you can rest assured that support is always within reach. All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, reflecting our dedication to high standards and local craftsmanship. With over 15 years of experience in the scoreboard industry, we have established a long-standing reputation for excellence and dependability. Whether you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective manual solution or a sophisticated electronic scoreboard, Durant Scoreboards has you covered.


Our Electronic Scoreboards

A lot of clubs and schools are looking for an electronic scoreboard solution for their Football ground. Durant Scoreboards are experts in providing both bespoke and standard electronic scoreboards and have successfully installed them at clubs and schools all over the UK and Ireland.


DSF1 Standard Scoreboard

£1,995.00 Exc. VAT

Our most compact scoreboard which can be positioned almost anywhere.


DSF2 Scoreboard With Clock

£2,650.00 Exc. VAT

A compact scoreboard with a playing time clock in bright LED digits. 


DSF3 Scoreboard With LED Team Names & Clock

£3,995.00 Exc. VAT

An overall bestseller, equipped with score and team names.


DSF4 Large Scoreboard With Team Names & Clock

£6,250.00 Exc. VAT

Our largest scoreboard with playing time clock & team names.


Over the recent years, a significant portion of our endeavors has revolved around enhancing the scoring capabilities of clubs and schools nationwide. The dynamic advancements in digital scoring have paved the way for transformative changes, particularly with the adoption of electronic scoreboards. These cutting-edge scoreboards offer unparalleled flexibility, functionality, and customisation.

Delivery and installation of chosen scoreboard to a pre-prepared structure, Genie lift and scaffold tower provided if necessary. From £475.00 + vat.

Supply and installation of two galvanised 100mm X 100mm box section steel posts up to 5m high, each set into 1m³ of concrete. Includes return visit to hang scoreboard to steels once the concrete has set. From £1950.00 + vat



At Durant Scoreboards, we take pride in manufacturing all our football scoreboards in-house, which allows us to offer an extensive range of options tailored to the specific needs of football clubs at every level. Our specialist scoreboard department is equipped with highly skilled artisans who have crafted hundreds of football scoreboards for clubs across the UK, ensuring each product meets our rigorous quality standards.

By handling the entire manufacturing process internally, we maintain control over every aspect of production, ensuring consistency and reliability in our products. Whether you need a simple, straightforward scoreboard for a grassroots club or a sophisticated, feature-rich display for a premier division team, Durant Scoreboards has the expertise and capability to deliver the perfect solution.

Why Choose Us?

Made In House

Experience superior quality! We manufacture our scoreboards in-house, ensuring precision, durability, and customisation to meet your training needs perfectly.

5 Star Reviews

Discover why our customer’s love our scoreboards! With numerous 5-star reviews, customers rave about our quality, service, and performance-enhancing products.

Competitive Prices

Get professional sports scoreboards without breaking the bank! Enjoy competitive prices on our high-quality equipment, making professional-grade training accessible for all budgets.

Football Scoreboard Case Study

At Durant Scoreboards, we take pride in our extensive experience manufacturing and installing scoreboards for various sports throughout the UK. From the intensity of hockey and the precision of bowls to the timeless tradition of cricket and the electrifying energy of football, our scoreboards elevate the experience for both players and spectators.

Each scoreboard installation is customised to meet the specific needs of the sport and venue, ensuring optimal visibility, functionality, and longevity. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has established us as the preferred choice for sports venues nationwide, contributing to the smooth running of games and keeping fans engaged.

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