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Bowls Scoreboards

Scoreboards for Bowls

Durant Scoreboards focuses on offering both custom and standard electronic scoreboards, eliminating the hassle of manual score changes. Our wide range of electronic scoreboards is installed across various locations in the UK and Ireland, including schools, county grounds, and village greens. Our standard scoreboards are available for purchase all year round, to schools and clubs.

In addition to our electronic scoreboard products, we provide a unique tailored service, including scorebox conversations that upgrade existing manual scoreboxes or huts to electronic systems.

In 2024, we are launching the Smart Scorehub, which enables all of our standard electronic scoreboards to be operated via laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. This is achieved via Play-Cricket Scorer Pro and the Play-Cricket Scorer App, removing the need for a specific remote control.

All of our scoreboards feature a 5-year digit warranty, 10-year parts availability, service contracts, and nationwide service. Over our 15 years in the scoreboard industry, we have built a strong reputation for our UK-designed and manufactured scoreboards.

Durant Scoreboards - Indoor games and sports

Our Electronic Scoreboards

A lot of clubs and schools are looking for an electronic scoreboard solution for their Football ground. Durant Scoreboards are experts in providing both bespoke and standard electronic scoreboards and have successfully installed them at clubs and schools all over the UK and Ireland.

Durant Scoreboards - Product

Indoor Bowls Rink-End Scorer

£100.00 Exc. VAT

An easy to control scoreboard that can be placed anywhere.

Durant Scoreboards - Scoreboard

Indoor Bowls Video Screen

£100.00 Exc. VAT

An all-new video screen solution which can act as a Totaliser.


In recent years, much of our efforts have focused on enhancing the scoring capabilities of clubs and schools across the nation. The rapid advancements in digital scoring have led to transformative changes, particularly through the adoption of electronic scoreboards. These state-of-the-art scoreboards provide unmatched flexibility, functionality, and customisation.

We offer delivery and installation of your selected scoreboard to a pre-prepared structure, including a Genie lift and scaffold tower, if required, starting at £475.00 + VAT.



At Durant Scoreboards, we take pride in manufacturing all of our bowls scoreboards in-house, enabling us to offer a wide range of options that are tailored to bowls players of every level. Our specialist scoreboard department is staffed with highly-skilled artisans who have crafted hundreds of scoreboards for clubs across the UK, ensuring each product meets our strict quality standards.

By managing the entire production process internally, we keep control over every aspect of manufacturing, guaranteeing consistency and reliability in our products. Whether you require a simple, straightforward scoreboard for a simple club, or a feature-rich video display for more premier teams, Durant Scoreboards has the expertise and capability to deliver the ideal solution.

Why Choose Us?

Made In House

Experience superior quality! We manufacture our scoreboards in-house, ensuring precision, durability, and customisation to meet your training needs perfectly.

5 Star Reviews

Discover why our customer’s love our scoreboards! With numerous 5-star reviews, customers rave about our quality, service, and performance-enhancing products.

Competitive Prices

Get professional sports scoreboards without breaking the bank! Enjoy competitive prices on our high-quality equipment, making professional-grade training accessible for all budgets.

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